Job Description

Guess who's opening their 3rd location in Nebraska?! Yes, you read that correctly. Scissors and Scotch is bringing the best men’s grooming experience throughout the nation to Lincoln!

So if you're not familiar, what exactly do we do? We're the barbershop-with-a-twist, combining spa-like offerings with your favorite craft bar services. Amazing cut? Yep. Shave and shoulder massage? You bet. With a Glenlivet neat? Hell yes.

We're looking for a kickass manager to keep things rolling in the Rockies. We don’t need a cookie cutter boss who wants to spend time tracking down TPS reports (if that’s your main passion, then this isn’t the right job for you). Here’s what we DO need you to do:

  • Hire and supervise our amazing team of creative, artistic professionals. We have the highest retention rate in the industry because we respect what they do. We need a leader who will guide and support our team in creating a top-tier service experience in each encounter-with clients and the team
  • Establish a culture that is centered around our core values (listed below so you don’t have to search our site for ‘em-but we certainly encourage you to check us out there, too).
  • Serve as a resource for the team on processes and policies and ensure all systems are followed.
  • Consistently review barbershop and bar operations to identify concerns and areas for improvement.
  • Manage expenses and drive sales.
  • And of course, the big one-other duties as discovered. It’s a new shop, so we know day 1, day 90, and day 365 won’t be the same. There will be plenty of creative problem solving on the daily.

Which leads us to what we’re looking for in a leader:

  • Vibe Check & Core Values - Our company Core Values serve as an anchor for our decisions, actions and goals. They define who we are as an organization, and you are as a leader. We expect every person on our team to align with the same values we do, and we expect that you, as the leader of the shop, will embody and champion these values in all aspects of your role.
  • Morals- We value honesty and doing the right thing. That means if you make a mistake, own up to it and let’s learn from it (we don’t yell, we learn). We will help you to be one of the best managers in the country. The only thing we can’t teach is morality and simply being a good person when making decisions.
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills-we are industry leaders in customer experience for a reason. Can you handle tough conversations professionally? Do you give and take feedback well?
  • Experience in delegation, holding others accountable, and communicating across a diverse group of employees--we know this isn’t always easy, but we also know it’s essential for your team to feel that they can rely on you to make the difficult decisions.
  • A track record of maximizing results through leadership and management of others--We're looking for leaders who have not only demonstrated ambition for advancement but also possess a tangible track record of success. Did you crush it at your last job(s).. no matter what they were?
  • Demonstrated expertise in hiring, training and overseeing a large staff- We are always working to build incredible teams at all our shops and hiring is always a priority for us. We want someone who has a great interviewing strategy and an ongoing urgency to build a team of great people.
  • The ability to work full-time, variable hours including early mornings, evenings, and weekends. (There will be times when the work demands more than 40 hours per week.)
  • Strong desire for continued growth and personal development-yes, you will be required to read the books and take the classes. At Scissors & Scotch we are obsessive about developing our leaders. Sure, everyone says that, but we mean it. If you’re not someone that wants to get better and grow, you will not fit in here (specifically as a manager). Our brand is exploding, and we want to hire from within whenever we can. That means we want today’s managers to become tomorrow’s district managers, regional managers, and vice presidents. This is a career, not a one stop job.
  • Be a licensed Barber/Cosmetologist-expect a schedule that supports you being a leader in the shop while working behind the chair. Leading a team that exceeds industry standards starts and ends with you.

Okay, so that’s a lot about what we want from what about what you can expect from us? At Scissors & Scotch, we believe that great teams start with trust and shared purpose. In short, we will not micromanage, but we will always be there to help. To that end, we offer industry leading compensation and a leadership culture that is built on teamwork, personal growth, and hitting goals (personal and professional).

Oh, and did we mention the Benefits:

  • Competitive Pay (our goal is to get you to a six-figure earner)
  • Profit-Share Bonus Structure
  • Full benefits (Health, Dental, Vision, and Supplemental insurance - including maternity/paternity and mental/behavioral health services)
  • PTO
  • Christmas, the day after Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, Labor Day , Memorial Day, Easter, 4th of July, New Year’s Day all off work!

And as promised, here are our core values:

  • Be a daymaker. We are fortunate to be in a business where we get to make people look and feel good for a living. Be someone who goes above and beyond to bring joy, passion, and positivity to those around you.
  • Create real relationships. We’re relationship people. We care about our clients, employees and communities. We communicate, listen and learn. We create and foster connections, hold ourselves accountable and establish trust. And, the pinnacle of all successful relationships, we make a mean Old Fashioned.
  • Push your limits. Give change a big ol’ hug and invite it to stick around - becausewe know that greatness lies just beyond our comfort zones. . Wecredit pushing our limits for many successes along the way and don’t ever expect it to stop.
  • Embrace your weird. Celebrate what makes you special and embrace the individuality of others, for it’s the diverse tapestry of talents that makes us truly remarkable.
  • Give a damn. We hope and expect ourselves and our employees to, simply put, give a damn. What does that mean? Stay committed to greatness and hold yourself to a higher standard. Expect excellence, do more with less, always raise the bar, lead others and be humble.

Are you ready for the career change of your life?

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